That Thing Called Life…

I have had so many tough phases in my life that it’s hard to take one out and tell that this is the toughest one. I have done a lot of mistakes in life, couple of decisions and attempts that are too risky. As time passes, I tend to forget those hard times and face the present. But yes, whenever I recall those tough times, I still feel sad.

I live few moments in my past and suddenly when my mind shifts to the present, I still feel confident of being me and a big salute to my two babies (Mel and Ayesha), whom I know will never give up on me and would always be there as my inspiration and source of strength, most especially to HIM, my source of love and everything.

I am grateful to feel HIS presence in my life despite of being not worthy of HIS love.

I believe, whatever I am at present is all because of the tough phases (those painful wounds, sleepless nights, pricking comments of some person, pain of losing, and bad experiences) I have been through. I am grateful for the people who have stayed in my life through ups and downs, to the persons who have guided me during the times that I am lost.

I am happy that I was able to distinguish those people that are just there because they are waiting to see every little mistake that I make; it is not that hard to know if the person is sincere or just being there for you for the sake of “pakitang tao”.

I am more happy and at peace with my present  community  –I have a sense of purpose and belonging. This community shows value for respect, the people here respect every person whoever he is and whatever his status in life is, his decisions, beliefs, and faith and guiding and listening instead of condemning them.

Truly, life is not just about the things that you have accomplished, the status that you have, and the material things here and there. It is good to have all these things but having a peace of mind and a sense of purpose still what matters for me in the end. There is always room for improvement, for growth. Forgive yourself if you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness for those you have hurt before, and again, I am asking for forgiveness for those that I have hurt in the past. Knowing what really matters and allowing myself to live in a life full of positive energy, openness and share whatever it is that I can give is what life for me is all about.



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