About Neldy

Neldy is a Wife, Mother, Writer and an Entrepreneur. She started to blog on August 2016 because she enjoys writing her thoughts, researching a lot of things, and meeting interesting and inspiring people.

She is working on a magazine blog entitled WhichCraft. Its main mission is to inspire all people to love their craft, and pursue what they love to do. The site’s aim is to amplify the voices of the people who love their craft, spreading inspiration and positivity around the world.

She enjoys working with people who loves to share and use their talents for good intentions. Frustrated musician, dancer, painter, and cook. Always gives her best to improve her skills and talents. Her favorite role is being a mom. And, she loves being a wife.

Neldy believes that spreading positive information and sharing good thoughts is everyone’s responsibility. She loves being a stay-at-home mom but she find herself more useful  as an individual to use her gifts through writing. She considers writing as her craft. She’s happy that she can help some especially moms  to discover if they still have something inside of them that they wish to do and help them develop it through inspiring stories and articles in this blog and on WhichCraft site. There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom as she has a high respect for them, she just believes that it is her responsibility to make use of her talents as God gave it to her to use it to bless all the people around her and she believes that it is one way to show her daughter someday the value of  sharing.

 She enjoys helping the people that she admire and featured them on her blogs to inspire those who have the same interests with her and the people or brands she featured. She only review and advertise  people/brands on her blogs that she trusts and if ever she would be paid for it, she will make sure that she would do all her best to help these people/brand by promoting them with all honesty including negative feedback.