Why You Should Sign Your Family Up for an HMO

Health and well-being of our family is always on top of our priorities.

We only want what is best for them, and that includes ensuring that they remain  as healthy as they can be.

It also means that whenever they are sick, we are capable of giving them the kind of treatment that is necessary for them to fully recover. And, with an HMO, you can be prepared to deal with medical concerns if and when they arise.

Family breadwinners have all the reason to get health care plan. When a breadwinner get sick and need to be hospitalized and the breadwinner do not have any savings nor any health plan, the whole family will be place into a big problem.

When the rest of the family don’t have the means to settle the breadwinner’s final expense in the hospital because they are just depending on his income. Like most family set-up in the Philippines who are mostly born and raised dependent on their parents. The family will be placed into a situation where they have to ask some family friends and relatives for financial assistance.

Some may extend help but some may will just turned their back on, and the family will be put in despair, helpless, hurt, and it’s the feeling you don’t want your family,  to experience.

What is HMO?

HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is a healthcare delivery system that most employees are entitled to use as part of the benefit they receive from their employers. HMOs enable individuals to receive a wide range of medical help for a fraction of a price since it’s subsidized by their employers.

HMOs are affiliated with a set of hospitals, treatment facilities and physicians who are listed as authorized or accredited healthcare providers for its members. Patients may enjoy certain benefits, subsidized rates or value added services when they seek treatment through an HMO.

When your family is signed up for an HMO, generally, expenses for health and medical care are significantly reduced. Instead of having to pay for hospitalization, treatment or surgery, for instance, your HMO will shoulder the cost.

Overall, the advantage of having an HMO is that, through your monthly contributions, you have something similar to pre-paid health insurance. So, when emergency situations arise, you don’t need to worry about where to get the funds to cover the major expenses.

Why I chose CAREWELL HEALTH SYSTEM as my HMO Provider?

As per my experience, since I am not affiliated with a company, I need to get a HMO for my self since I am aware of the importance of having one.
I already researched a number of HMO plans and prepaid card but this is the only one I have found very affordable and convenient.

With HMO, you will have multiple virtual wallets.

1. Wallet for Emergency
2. Wallet for Confinement
3.Wallet for Laboratories
4. Wallet for Doctor Consultation
5. Wallet as Insurance

All of these will be covered by your health card provider. And if you do not have HMO you need to provide all of these with your own wallet.

CAREWELL HEALTH SYSTEM exclusively marketed by KAJJ Health Solutions Inc. – Most Affordable Comprehensive HMO Health Card for Individual.


✓ PhP60,000.00 annual maximum benefit limit for hospital confinement, laboratory fees, surgeries, and Doctor consultations
✓ Hospital Confinement – maximum of PhP30,000.00 per confinement
✓ Laboratory & Other Diagnostic Examinations – PhP10,000.00/year
✓ Motorcycle Accident (medical reimbursement) – maximum PhP10,000.00/year
✓ Financial assistance – Php10,000.00 for natural death / Php20,000.00 for accidental death
✓ Annual Physical Examination and Pre-existing Illnesses – covered after 1 year of continuous membership.

** Pre Existing Condition will be covered after first year of coverage or on the 13th month


✓ First payment good for 3 months – Php2,250.

✓ Succeeding payments can be – Php555 monthly / Php1650 quarterly / Php3300 semi annual / Php4950 for nine months.


1. Unlike other low cost HMO, we have access to all Medical City Clinics and to more than 500 accredited hospitals nationwide.

2. The premium already covered the most important factors like unlimited consultation, laboratory, emergency and hospitalization.

3. The HMO company with installment payment program.

If Client is Corporate……

How will the Company benefit from this?

1. Affordability – the premium is the lowest in the market. It is like an additional incentive to your valued and trusted employee every month.

2. Better Retention – It is already a fact that most employees choose to stay longer with a company that provides them with better benefits. And it is more costly to get a replacement and train people once again.

3. Better Allocation of Money – Instead of paying the whole year premium, the company has an option to pay it quarterly or semi-annual.

4. Flexibility – In the case of an employment separation, you have the option not to continue the premium, the company has the flexibility of paying only until the effective separation date. This is the only HMO that allows it.

** We can also arrange a split allocation between company and employee, 50%-50% or 60%-40%
How will the Employees benefit from it?

1. Security – Health hazard is everywhere, but with the health card in placed, they will feel more secure working with the company.

2. Flexibility – the employee has the option to apply their parents/spouse at their own cost.

3. Not Co-Terminus – when an employee decided to resign, the employee has an option to continue the premium and continue to enjoy the health benefit.

For more questions regarding Carewell Health System contact:

Karen Fronda  –M. +63 922.3296783 – Fb Page: HMO


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