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Drawing has always been a creative skill and good drawing skills permitted artists to take hold of the reality around them. In this modern era, however, the general impression was that with the extensive availability of computers, digital cameras, and image software, drawing would diminish into an insignificant activity.

In truth, although there’s an increase of  interest for digital imagery, the skill and talent  to draw is still considered a treasured skill compared to digital imagery.

I happened to know someone who has impressed me with her drawing skills.  I am very grateful that she has given me her time to answer some personal questions about her and her craft and share it with WhichCraft.

Name: Annabel T. Nifras


Hometown: Candoni Negros Occidental

Star Sign : Capricorn

Why do you love to draw? It can brought me to other dimension.

Mediums that you are most comfortable with? The mediums that I am comfortable with are graphite and color pencil. I am still exploring other mediums in order for me to discover the different shades in art.

Other things that you love to do?  I also do love to read, through this I can travel and explore new things with just words as my vehicle.

How do you see yourself 5 years from now? I see myself as a successful teacher and pursuing my doctoral degree in the graduate school five years from now, a teacher who paints a colorful and better path for the young minds. In that very point also I already have my art gallery where my arts are displayed and my team offer training to those who are willing sharpen their skills or enter the field of arts.

Top 3 things on your bucket list: buy art materials, pass the LET, go home (hometown) I miss them badly.

People that you admire the most: Ma’am Theodora Luz Mangahas and Sir Rommel Mangahas. Nanay at tatay so do my best friend Jene Rose Cara

Best advice you have ever been given? Be humble for God will exalt you.

One thing that people don’t know about you? (I already swallowed a fly) hahaha joke. I have a suitor who courted me for almost two years. Hahahaha paktay kay nanay

What makes you happy? When I make someone happy esp. my family. When I bully my cousin also hahaha joke

If you were stuck in an island, who would you bring? One person only. My nanay

Artists that inspires you? Rodman Papros and Nad Marcelo

What do you think is the best way to exhibit your works?  The best way to exhibit my works is if it responds to the needs of others or if other people will benefit from it (eg. donate sa may mga cancer)

How do you start a work? Do you have any rituals? I need to bully my cousin first hahaha joke. No, none at all I just draw during my free time that way nothing will bother me.










Thank you for sharing your works Miss Annabel! Keep on inspiring aspiring artists.


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