Life Lessons from One Punch Man


Photo Credit:Pinterest
Photo Credit:Pinterest

My husband’s latest obsession is One Punch Man. I also got hooked with it as I am curious why my husband cannot end his day without watching an episode of it.

It’s about Saitama, his real name, who decided to turn himself as a hero who can finish any enemy in just one punch.

After deciding to be a hero, he trains himself by running 10 km daily, doing 100 squats, 100 sit ups & 100 push-ups for three years, without any break.

Then, after 3 years, One Punch Man became so powerful that he could destroy or kill any monster of any shape or size, by just one punch.

It is really a super funny show! I recommend you watch it or read the manga if you’re into the genre as it will really entertain you and you will get so many things from it.

Aside from the entertainment that you can get, you will learn a lot of lessons from Saitama.

After finishing Season 1, I would like to share with you some life lessons from One Punch Man that I really treasured haha hope this will inspire you to watch the show…


  1. Keep moving forward, even if you have to start all over again at the new level.
  2. Mistakes and imperfections can always be found along with criticism. Therefore, do not be afraid to try everything as long as it is with good intentions.
  3. Stay uncomplicated and raw. Do things your way and enjoy while doing it!
  4. Always listen to what your heart says; only your heart can guide you with your destiny.
  5. There’s a reason why common advice is common.

One Punch Man is completely refreshing for anyone who grew up being familiar with the massive amount of superheroes. Somewhere deep in our minds, we realized we are getting bored with the “great power great responsibility mantras”.  One punch man will always get you to the point (LOL!)

Keep on discovering, learning, and sharing the lessons whenever you can. Because, sometimes life’s most important lessons come from the sources you would never think of.  I never thought that One Punch Man would teach me a lot of lessons about life.


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