Mom taught us to be independent: On Craft -Dressmaking (ACTMA)

I grew up with a hardworking mom. She inspired me in so many ways and taught me to be independent. She might not be there often for all of us physically, because she has to work as a single mother, but she raised four independent children.

I thank her for encouraging us to be independent. She seldom gave advice on me, at least not directly. There are only three rules: follow God, do not let others disrespect you, and study hard.

We ate meal together sometimes but not regularly because of our schedules. Life lessons were usually acquired along the way, as we live our life everyday giving our best by using the talents and gifts God has blessed us.

There is one thing that Ludivina wanted each of us to remember: Don’t grow up to be dependent on her.

I gave my mother credit, as all of us grew up to be independent and I and my sister Jenny moved away as soon as we decided to have our own family. Our two youngest unmarried siblings are also living their life independently, and that’s because of the way our mom raised us.

I am forever grateful for that lesson of independence. Yes, there are a lot of things I should thank my mother for such as love and value for family, but being independent is my number one. Because of this, we all have created an identity and a life that is very much of our own , one that we can take full recognition and liability for.

Mom is 56 years old now, with the help of my youngest sibling she retired early at work as we already can take care of ourselves financially. Of course, we still need our mom as she was our strength and she would always be our father, mother, and best friend.

At 56, she still has this passion to share and use her talents. Well, age is not a matter when it comes to this. Ever since she was a child, she has this talent in making dresses. So, she decided to develop her dressmaking talent, her first love.

She’s currently enrolled at ACTMA as she enjoys dressmaking and she doesn’t want to waste her time and gifts. This is also a way for her to continue learning and  I really admire my mother for that.

Mom enjoys developing her craft at ADVANCED COMPETENCIES TECHNOLOGICAL MANPOWER ACADEMY. (ACTMA) It is a manpower and skills training and development center with accreditation from international and local accrediting bodies for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programs/Courses.


ACTMA International is committed to produce people to become highly capable and equipped with advanced technical vocational skills. It has a range of training programs that prepares every individual to become globally competitive.

My cool and loving mom fitting her first project. Look at that smile! We love you Ludivina.

My mom is nice, helpful, hardworking, and fun.  In this regard, I am constantly trying to follow her good qualities, to be that person of warmth.

11 thoughts on “Mom taught us to be independent: On Craft -Dressmaking (ACTMA)”

  1. thanks so much my beloved daughter, i am also proud of you because you always patient and you always do your best to reach your dream and my pray and want you to be successful to your carreer. Keep up the good job my beautiful daughter… GO GO GO

    1. thank you Mama, nakakataba ng heart yung comment mo:) additional motivation, thank you for believing in me and for cheering me po:) i love you always:)

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