Motherhood and Discovering My Calling

When you are already a mother, you live, breathe, and sacrifice for your child.  And, knowing that they are happy, at peace, and living a meaningful life with God is the best thing in the world.

Yes, I agree that being a mother is the best job that you can get and life is better and wonderful with children. Yet, for me it is the most exhausting and tiring role.

When Ayesha (my only child) was not yet born, all I think about is the happiness of being a mother. The first time I laid eyes on her was really unforgettable; she’s the most precious gift I have ever received. And, as for moms, babies are the greatest blessing in the world.

But, being a mother is not just about happiness. In reality, there would be a ton of challenging experiences that you will meet.  You will experience a lot of changes, sleep deprivation, and a whole bunch more.

Motherhood role is not that easy as what others think it is, and there’s a lot of things to consider before putting yourself in this awesome yet toughest position.

So what are the things you should ask yourself before welcoming the thought of entering the motherhood journey?

What are some of the most important requirements before accepting this wonderful and hardest job in the world?

  1. Are you willing to sacrifice a lot of activities you are enjoying doing in order to be a mother? Particularly, it will mean less time for hobbies, career, friends, sleep,  your relationship with your husband, and even your own self-care.
  1. Are you stable enough to care for a child? A child deserves to be nurture into a home where there is enough time, money, and love to care for them. Consider and recognize what it will take in terms of love, time, money and energy before being a mother, as this will increase the chance that a child will be born into a stable environment.
  1. Are you really that ready and willing to be a parent? Being mother takes a lot of patience, capable to be firm when necessary, good communication skills, the willingness to always listen, and the dedication to at times sacrifice your own desires behind what’s best for your child.

I am not saying that I passed all the said qualifications when I accepted this job. But, I am positive that I am ready and I am determined to qualify for the job before getting pregnant. Up until now, I still have a lot to do and give to be the best mom for Ayesha, it’s hard but I’m gladly willing to do what it takes to be the best mother for her.

I wrote this for all those planning to be a mother; this might help you in your preparation for the role. As for me, this is the most wonderful yet toughest job you will ever get.

I wrote this for all the mothers, to congratulate them on getting the most rewarding job. Embrace and love your role!

Crafting everything in life takes love, care, understanding, and determination. I love to continue on this journey of crafting my calling and most importantly my family.

I really believe that fulfillment can be achieved in many ways. Having fulfillment in oneself is a key in living a happy and healthy life.

You can be a stay-at home mom focusing on your family or a stay-at-home mom while doing what you love at the same time, it doesn’t have to be as glamorous work as others have but the one that you love doing; it can be painting, dancing, singing, writing, selling, etc.

If you are happy with how you live your life, you can make other people surrounding you happy as well.  I am grateful with God to have this opportunity to be a stay at home mom and craft my calling at the same time. I promise to not waste my time, talent, gifts and happiness. And yes, it is wonderful yet tiring to do so! But that is how I welcome LIFE!


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