Lovely – On Success and Enjoying Your Craft

“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they will ask how you did it”. – Anonymous

Everything begins in the heart and mind. Great achievement began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible.

On a daily basis, we witness so many young women change and transform their lives. I’m a firm believer that if you want to do great things in life, you need to set yourself goals. Goals are a great way to decide a clear direction of where you want to go.

GentleHeartCraft ask some questions to Lovely to share readers a piece of her views in fulfilling dreams. I hope this will all inspire every dreamer out there.

What do you love about your job?
– What I love about my job is that I always make my clients happy and satisfy. Hearing them giving positive compliments, that their site looks amazing and stunning excites me a lot and makes me want to learn more and experiment things that can help me improve more on my field as a web developer.

 When and how did you find out your purpose in life?
– At first, I am really not into developing website; I can say that coding is not easy. You need to give a lot of patience studying and learning different programming language on your own. But then as time passes by, I have notice myself that I do not feel tired despite those sleepless nights I spent studying, watching YouTube tutorials and reading technical books related to my field.  I must say that I’ve never been interested in a craft before (except from learning guitar). That’s when I realized that I am enjoying this kind of job.

 What was your biggest challenge starting out?
– Hmm, my biggest challenge I think is lack of motivation and confidence that I can learn how to code. I always think that my brain cannot do it. I really hate coding to be honest; I always cut my class in school and paid a guy to do my thesis. Lol (That guy is my fiancé now). But one day I realized that I need to be serious in life, my mother work hard just to sent me to college, I don’t want to waste her money and hard work for nothing, so I decided to study even if I don’t want to.

Can you tell us about your work?
– My work is about developing a website from scratch using CSS, HTML, PHP, Jquery/Javascript.

 Define success.
Success is something you work hard for, I don’t believe in failure as long as you keep reaching for your dreams and doing your best to achieve it. You don’t need people around you to recognize your success. Just don’t waste your time doing nothing. The most important thing is that you’re happy; just keep doing what you love to do. Money is just a bonus.

What are your visions for your future?
I really want to be a pastry chef someday, not related to my field at all. Baking is just something close to my heart.

 Advises that you can give on achieving dreams:
– As for Dwayne Wade commercial, fall seven times, stand up eight.  Don’t give up easily. There’s no shortcut in life. And of course, always seek guidance to our God, He already plan your future.

Lovely Joy Ilano is a front-end web developer who loves creating website using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, as well as Javascript and jQuery. She is passionate with every aspect of her life and always giving her 100% when creating a website to make sure that her client satisfy their needs and make it look clean and better than requested.



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