Would sending our child to playschool necessary for their development?

Would sending our child to playschool necessary for their development? Some will say yes, while others would say that it is not needed.

Playschool as we have known is a school that children attend for about 2 hours per day.  As a parent, I also want to have a clearer understanding of the advantages of sending my child to a playschool.

I am also not that aware of the different impacts of sending children to a playschool, so I have decided to gather some useful information that can help me decide as whether and when to send my kid to a playschool from the moms that I knew.

I hope that these information would be helpful for some mothers too.

Factors to Consider:


Most school has a certain age requirement for the playschool program. Usually they accept toddlers 18 months or two years. Whether or not to do so depends on the maturity of your child. Some toddler can be mature for their age and independent enough to thrive for playschool programs. But, if your child still desperately needs to be around you at all moments, it might be better to find a separation program first.


If both parents are working and are struggling for time, parents may not be around to teach their child much, the tendency is he/she may get delay behind his classmates who have attended playschool. On the other hand, if one spouse is a stay-at-home parent and has the time to attend to the child and teach them, you may consider not sending your child to a playschool.

Children have an unbelievable ability to learn. Their brains are remarkably sharp, and it makes sense to put them in an environment conducive to learning at this young age.

Academic and Social Opportunities:

Children at this age must not be under pressure, trying to learn something like math at such a young age. Look for a play school that focuses on letting a child have fun while learning.

There are a lot of playschool that has many outdoor activities. Playschools ought to serve the purpose of exploring, learning, having fun and happiness and making enriching relationships.

As an advantage, sending your child to a playschool will also prepare them gradually to get used to the concept of a classroom making his transition into school much easier.

Also if you live in a place where there are not many other children your child’s age, it makes sense to send your child to playschool. This will give them opportunity to interact with  children at a young age.