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Have you ever asked these questions: Why am I here? What am I living for? Where’s my life heading? What is my purpose?
A lot of people now days are getting used to their daily routines without finding out the reason or the purpose of their work. A life that is without determination or limited with the usual brings depression, insecurity, misery and anxious to an individual. But when we begin to know the purpose of why we are here, this will shoot adrenaline not just to your body but to your soul (mind, will and emotion).
How can you start doing it? just begin where you’re at.  Begin an intentional with the words you say and speak out. Words set up an atmosphere in how you will do you’re their daily task. Words can either bring you up or pull you down.
  • We have been bombarded with information that we tend to agree with what we see, what we hear, what we feel that we lose sight of the goal that we are heading.
  •  We have become so busy with a lot of things around us that we forgot the purpose of it or why we are doing it.
  • Nobody wants a poor and insignificant life, but because of lack of purpose we tend to laid back and just allow ourselves to go with the flow.
  • We have been so used to stay on our comfort zone that we never tried to stretch our ability to be flexible in a new realm.
  • We, a lot of times, settle with the past success that we stay on it and forgot to create a new victory.
  • When an invention was newly created, who are you going to ask regarding its functionality and its purpose? Either you read the manual or you ask the creator. Same with us.

“The best way to get things done is to simply begin.”

  1. There are many ways to begin your life that is intentional. First, be mindful of the little things. The little things actually practice you to be expectant of bigger and glorious result.
  2. Our intentions begin by changing our mindset. It all starts in our mind. Inspiration is brought together by putting and focusing your mind on it.
  3. Practice it daily. When a toddler begins to walk his mind unconsciously dictates his body to stand and take a step. Eventually when he begins to do it every day, his mind is no longer concern if he will fall or he’ll take few step more, instead his muscle are already equip in walking. Same goes with living an intentional life.
  • When you know what you need to do and the result that you are heading, you will not quit!
  • When you intent to work for good, do you think you all have the capacity to expect better result? Definitely. When you become intentional, you will pursue things regardless, no matter what. Intentional is a life style that is full of surprises and wonders.
  • Believe that your purpose is better than you because if it’s something that you can do then you start putting limitations to yourself. Our purposes  on life I think is  for us to recognize and for us to find. What a wonderful and exciting our life will be.

Heart is your best tool to access your true purpose and passion. And, to fulfill it, you must be intentional.


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